Expense Management System (EMS)

Improves and automates the processing of accounts payable and provides the kind of financial reporting, control, and analytical capability needed to control expenses. Scanning of invoices is also an option to eliminate filing and instant retrieval.


Developed for banks to process payroll quickly and efficiently, allowing for unlimited number of deductions, including pre-tax, while allowing you to maintain accurate records and important management information. Report Generator is also included with this system.

Financial Reporting

Developed for financial reporting and budgeting. Produces a call-report, consistent balance sheet, income statement, as well as a complete array of financial measurements including net interest spread, net interest margin, balance sheet ratios, and more. Excellent for Board reporting and strategic planning. Capable of comparing actual results to budgets.

Loan Control and Review

Enables you to gain a firm grip on three main areas of the loan department; Loan Exceptions, Non-Performing Assets, and Loan Charge-Offs.

Stockholder Accounting

Automates stockholder accounting with features such as cash and stock dividends, stock transfers, built-in-word processor/mail merge, clear and complete audit trails, 1099 tax reporting, user-defined stockholder categories, and proxy reporting.

Asset Cost & Control

Automates the accounting for fixed assets, prepaid items, and accrued expenses. Produces general ledger entries and organizes all items for clear, concise, and accurate reporting and control.


Tracks employee time through the Company's server. Many reports provide vital information to the Company's human resource function. This system also creates files to export hours to payroll for automated entry of employee hours.

Inventory Cost and Control

Manages and controls inventory supplies with the ability to allocate expenses (usage) to the various departments and cost centers providing information to effectively implement cost control. This package also contains a Purchase Order function.

Vendor Management System

Manages and reports on vendor compliance. Supports the due diligence process of managing required vendor documentation, and provides alerts when documents are out of date. The management reports provide a clear and concise view of vendor compliance.